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Company Adventure

Idea original:

The worldwide Human Resources president wants to make a different training for a high performance working team who should practice control management, interpersonal skills and distance communication.

Its human resources managers are located in countries like Germany, Spain, China, France, USA. They are a team that does not meet very often and must achieve a high level training in only two days.

Solución planteada:

Equipo Humano designed an activity in relation to the company required skills. These skills were control management, interpersonal skills and distance communication.

We chosed an outdoor activity which had several parts: 1) to promote teamwork through experiential training exercises, 2) to develop high-level skills through working groups, 3) to identify weaknesses as a team. During the afternoon there was an indoor deep reflection to anchor all the learned knowledge. We selected "level playing field" to foster the ability to work together from diferent locations.

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