Fevec e-Skill

Idea original:

The customer, a regional federation in the construction sector, see its members afected by the economic crisis and real estate explosion.

It seeks for solutions to offer professional opportunities to the numerous workers that become unemployed in this sector, orientating their training toward the new market demands. The customer also has interest in working with other European Union countries, in order to acquire knowledge on the practices of those countries.

SoluciĆ³n planteada:

Equipo Humano designed for this customer an ambitious project at European level for VET training oriented toward the green skills of construction workers.

The idea consists in offering to workers with law qualification level a specialized training in environment, enabling the target to apply the new environmental regulations in the construction sector and renew the image of a setor that generates an elevated quantity of wastes. Thanks to this added value, partners expect to better the competences of the workers, answering to a growing demand of the market and facilitating the access to the labour market.

An innovative methodology based on ICT has been used for the development of training materials, all of them very attractive and interactive (videos, presentations, quizes, etc) and available from the Internet.

Also, in order to ansert to the need of internationalisation, this project has as an aim to facilitate the recognition of the training in 5 European countries: Spain, Italy, UK, Poland and Lithuania. This project is currently under development and is implemented thanks to a cofinancing of the European Commission, which cover 75% of the costs of thi initiative.